Medallion Hunt Starts on Monday!

The first of three medallion hunts starts Monday June 15th – 30th!

Check the welcome center outside of the City Hall, the Fall Fest and Medallion Hunt Facebook pages for clues & other information on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


  1. Be respectful of personal property. The medallion will ONLY be hidden on city/government property.
  2. The Fall Fest Medallion Hunt not only will follow the MN requirements for social distancing but will also follow the Parkers Prairie curfew requirements.
  3. Each medallion hunt is city-wide including the city park.
  4. The medallion will be hidden within the following areas: Elementary St., Lake St., Soo Line railroad tracks & JJ’s Excavating. (See Map in the welcome center outside of City Hall)
  5. Children under 10 years old, PLEASE have an adult for guidance.
  6. HAVE FUN!!

Parkers Prairie Class of 2020 Graduation

Graduation is tonight! There is limited parking available for the community. Graduation will be held east of town on 42/Soo St., where the bull ride is held. The community will enter into the area from the south entrance. Everyone will need to be in passenger vehicles (No RVs, tall trucks, or trailers, etc.) Everyone will park 6 feet apart, you are able to have your windows down but please remain in your vehicles. Following the graduation, the Parkers Prairie law enforcement will lead a Senior parade through town. The graduation ceremony will also be live-streamed on the Pather Boosters Facebook Page at 7:15 pm

Congratulations Seniors!!

Parkers Prairie City Park

City Park is Open

Our City Park and bathrooms are open! While they are cleaned regularly they are not sanitized on a daily basis. We recommend that if you use the park that you follow the CDC guidelines by limiting group size, practicing social distancing, and proper hygiene.

Meet the Mayor

Mayor Kevin Birkholz will be at the City Hall to greet the public from 8:30 am to 10:00 am