Parkers Aquatic Center




Parkers Prairie Aquatic Center

The Parkers Prairie Aquatic Center features a zero-entry area, perfect for toddlers and non-swimmers.  The zero-entry side progresses to a 2.5-foot depth, with a tot slide and "sprinkler" features.  The middle channel connects the zero-entry side with the deeper side of the pool.  This "channel" can accommodate a wheelchair or a walker, and is a nice feature for those who enjoy a "gradual" entry into the pool.  The deeper side of the pool begins at a 3.5-foot depth at one side (with a basketball hoop), and progresses to a 10-foot depth at the deep end.  There is a "drop slide," a diving board, and a climbing wall at the 10-foot depth.

SWIMMING LEVELS:  Upon entry to the facility, the staff will ask swimmers "what color wrist band" they require.  The YELLOW wrist band is given to toddlers for the zero-entry side.  A GREEN wrist band is given to swimmers who may use the zero-entry side, as well as the 3.5-foot to 5-foot area (up to the rope).  A BLUE wrist band is provided for experienced swimmers who have access to the entire pool, including the 10-foot (diving-board) end of the pool.  Our focus is on the safety and enjoyment of visitors of ALL ages and swimming abilities!  Our lifeguards may ask that swimmers take a "swim test" before entering the deep end of the pool.  Swimmers who are not able to demonstrate swimming proficiency will be not be permitted to swim in deep end of the pool (BLUE wrist band area).  We ask that ALL visitors to our facility read and become familiar with the pool rules posted at the entrance and around the facility.

APPROPRIATE ATTIRE:  Our facility is "family friendly" and we ask that our visitors wear appropriate swimwear that may not be deemed "offensive" to others.  Swimming attire should have adequate coverage and be made of appropriate "swimwear material."  Examples: "thong swimsuits" and "denim cut offs" are NOT permitted items of attire.

THANK YOU!  The construction of the Parkers Prairie Aquatic Center was made possible by donations from many wonderful individuals and businesses.  The Aquatic Center is a $2.2-Million facility that was built for the City of Parkers Prairie from 100% DONATED FUNDS.  No Public funds/tax money was used for the construction of this amazing project (including all of the play features)!  We wish to THANK all of those who volunteered, donated, and worked toward the goal of providing this wonderful gift to the residents of Parkers Prairie and surrounding communities.  Please allow us to WELCOME you to Parkers Prairie, and join us in celebrating the SUCCESS OF COMMUNITY!


Pool is closed if the air temperature is below 65 degrees. The pool will have SPECIAL HOURS DURING THE FALL FESTIVAL which will be posted here on the website and on signage at the pool. Pool hours may be modified in August due to staff availability during the fall sports and back-to-school-season. The Closing date in August will vary depending upon staff availability, weather, etc. Every effort will be made to communicate these changes here on this website, on the pool answering machine at 218-338-6255, and on signage at the pool. Discounts and refunds will NOT be given for early closure of the facility. PLEASE SEE THE "2024 POOL HOURS & ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE" for more information.


Please refer to the 2024 Pool Hours & Activities Schedule for specific dates/times of your favorite activities.  Please feel free to call the Parkers Prairie City Hall at 218-338-4115 with any questions you may have about this year's schedule.



SINGLE SEASON PASS (non transferable) $75.00

Season passes may be purchased at the pool office or City Hall during regular business hours. All fees are subject to change at any time. WE ACCEPT CASH OR CHECKS (NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS)

FAMILY SEASON PASS* (immediate family - single household - non transferrable) $200.00

*The Family Season Pass Fee fee is for up to FOUR immediate family members. $ 20.00 for each additional immediate family member added to the season pass. Immediate Family" means LIVING in the same household. Season passes may be purchased at the pool office or City Hall during regular business hours. All fees are subject to change at any time. WE ACCEPT CASH OR CHECKS (NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS)

NON-SWIMMERS (spectator only) $1.00
GIFT CERTIFICATES Available in any amount

Gift Certificates may be purchased at the City Hall during regular business hours. Once issued, Gift Certificates may not be refunded or redeemed for cash. WE ACCEPT CASH OR CHECKS(NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS)


SWIM DIAPERS (required for swimmers NOT fully toilet-trained) = $1.00 each (or provide your own swim diaper)

"SUPER CHILL" CONCESSIONS STAND:   We have a variety of snack items, ice cream treats, and beverages for sale at the concessions counter.  In the interest of keeping our facility clean and sanitary, we require that ALL food and beverage items be consumed in the designated dining area or in the adjacent City Park (consumption of bottled WATER is permitted on the pool deck). WE ACCEPT CASH OR CHECKS.


ALL SWIMMERS MUST HAVE A WAIVER ON FILE  (for swimmers under 18 - must be signed by a parent or guardian)


SWIMMING LESSONS & WATER SAFETY INSTRUCTION:  Lessons are offered through "EDUCATION FOR ALL SQUID SCHOOL."  Education for All Squid School specializes in self-rescue/drowning prevention lessons.  These include all the typical swim skills, with a focus on self-rescue skills.  Their lessons do have "levels" and they will give out reports at the end of each session.  For more information about lessons, or to register for lessons, please visit their website.



The City of Parkers Prairie continues to gratefully accept donations toward the Pool Project.  For more information on donating, please contact the Parkers Prairie City Hall at 218-338-4115.

Thank you!