The City of Parkers Prairie is proud to be able to provide meeting rooms for use by the public. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines regarding the use of the Prairie Event Center. The City or its designee (hereinafter “Management”) reserves the right to determine the use of any of its meeting rooms.  The Prairie Event Center policies may be modified at any time.

General Rules

Management will issue a permit to use the Event Center only to persons who are at least 18 years of age and are financially responsible for the permit fees and other costs associated with the use of the facilities.

An adult who can be reached prior to the event and who will be attending the event (but in the case of a wedding, is not a member of a wedding party) must be designated by the holder of the permit as a Contact Person to interact with Management to ensure an enjoyable event.

The permit may not be assigned, transferred or sublet by the Permit Holder. The intended use must be appropriate to the facility. Misrepresentations are cause for immediate cancellation.

Activities and events sponsored by individuals, agencies, organizations or groups shall not discriminate contrary to the laws of the State of Minnesota, and, without limitation, shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, marital status, economic status or disability.

Management shall deny the use of any of the facilities to any individual, group or organization that is not current with any payments due the City of Parkers Prairie, including utility payments.

Management reserves the right to require the use of approved security at the expense of the Permit Holder at any event where alcohol is served or at any event where Management feels it is appropriate.

The permit will designate which area of the Event Center the permit holder may use. All other areas of the Event Center are off limits for use by the Permit Holder, the Holder’s guests, agents and invitees.

The Permit Holder is responsible for the behavior of the Permit Holders guests, agents and invitees and for any damage to Prairie Event Center property.

Large items must be moved in and out of the building with a wheeled device to prevent damage to the floor.

Any damage or loss of facilities or equipment must be reported, repaired or replaced within 24 hours of the activity.  Unreported damage to the facility or equipment will automatically be repaired or replaced by the Event Center management at the permit holder's expense.

The Prairie Event Center is a smoke-free facility. Smoking in any part of the facility by any guest, agents and invitees will result in the forfeiture of the Permit Holder’s Damage Deposit and the exclusion of the smoker from the Prairie Event Center for the remainder of the Permit Holders event.

Management may require sound levels for bands and audio equipment be controlled.  Only Event Center Staff members are permitted to adjust in-house audio equipment.

No animals will be allowed in the building except for bonafide service animals. Animals as part of entertainment may be allowed and additional maintenance fees may be imposed.

Management assumes no liability for loss, theft, damage, injury or illness incurred by the users of the Prairie Event Center.

No open flames or flammable/explosive substances will be allowed to be used or stored on the Prairie Event Center property.  All candles must be "flameless."

Adequate adult supervision must be provided when guests are primarily minors.

No outside liquor is permitted in the Event Center, parking lot, or anywhere on the premises.  All liquor service must be arranged through the Event Center's exclusive caterer.  Violations of the Event Center's liquor policy will result in loss of the damage deposit, and may result in immediate closure/cancellation of the event without reimbursement of rental fees.

This list is not all-inclusive.  Please request a full list, and rental contract, from the Parkers Last Stop.



Application for Use
1. Every use of the Prairie Event Center must have an application/use permit on file.

2. Community Groups that have regular meetings may make an annual application and obtain a permit covering the group’s use of the Prairie Event Center for twelve months.

3. The Application must be signed by an authorized representative of the entity or by the person in whose name the use permit will be issued and who will be responsible for payment.

4. To reserve the Prairie Event Center:

a. Contact the Parkers Last Stop at 320-808-1276 for bookings, event information, and to obtain a copy of the rental agreement.

b. The Prairie Event Center will ONLY hold a reservation date once the signed rental contract, along with ALL required down-payments/deposits have been received.  Rescheduled events may be subject to additional fees.

c. A Prairie Event Center employee will contact the permit holder to set up an appointment to meet within 45-60 days prior to the event to make final arrangements and pay any fees due. The permit holder should state at this time how many people are anticipated to attend the event and finalize seating arrangements and complete Prairie Event Center questionnaires.

Facilities will be available at a mutually agreed time, but no earlier than 8:00 A.M. on the date of the event unless requested and approved by management in advance.  Users must be out of the facility no later than 12:00 A.M. For every hour or fraction thereof an additional charge of $100 will be assessed.  All personal property of the renter(s) must be out of the facility by 12:00 A.M.


Facilities will be available at a mutually agreed time, but no earlier than 8:00 A.M. the date of the event unless requested and approved by management. Users must be out of the facility no later than 12:00 A.M. For every hour or fraction thereof an additional charge of $100 will be assessed.