The City of Parkers Prairie is proud to be able to provide meeting rooms for use by the public. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines regarding the use of the Prairie Event Center. The City or its designee (herein after “Management”) reserves the right to determine the use of any of its meeting rooms.
General Rules:
Management will issue a permit to use the Event Center only to persons who are at least 18 years of age and are financially responsible for the permit fees and other costs associated with the use of the facilities.

An adult who can be reached prior to the event and who will be attending the event (but in the case of a wedding, is not a member of a wedding party) must be designated by the holder of the permit as a Contact Person to interact with Management to ensure an enjoyable event.

The permit may not be assigned, transferred or sublet by the Permit Holder. The intended use must be appropriate to the facility. Misrepresentations are cause for immediate cancellation.

Activities and events sponsored by individuals, agencies, organizations or groups shall not discriminate contrary to the laws of the State of Minnesota, and, without limitation, shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, marital status, economic status or disability.

Management shall deny the use of any of the facilities to any individual, group or organization that is not current with any payments due the City of Parkers Prairie, including utility payments.

Management reserves the right to require the use of approved security at the expense of the Permit Holder at any event where alcohol is served or at any event where Management feels it is appropriate.

The permit will designate which area of the Event Center the permit holder may use. All other areas of the Event Center are off limits for use by the Permit Holder, the Holder’s guests, agents and invitees.

The Permit Holder is responsible for behavior of the Permit Holders guests, agents and invitees and for any damage to Prairie Event Center property.

Large items must be moved in and out of the building with a wheeled device to prevent damage to the floor.

Any damage or loss of facilities or equipment must be reported, repaired or replaced within 24 hours of the activity at the permit holder’s expense.

The Prairie Event Center is a smoke-free facility. Smoking in any part of the facility by any guest, agents and invitees will result in the forfeiture of the Permit Holder’s Damage Deposit and the exclusion of the smoker from the Prairie Event Center for the remainder of the Permit Holders event.

Management may require sound levels for bands and audio equipment be controlled.

No animals will be allowed in the building except for bona-fide service animals. Animals as part of entertainment may be allowed and additional maintenance fees may be imposed.

Management assumes no liability for loss, theft, damage, injury or illness incurred by the users of the Prairie Event Center.

No flammable or explosive substances will be allowed to be used or stored on the Prairie Event Center property except for table top tea lights or votive candles in stable glass containers.

Adequate adult supervision must be provided when guests are primarily minors.

Application for Use
1. Every use of the Prairie Event Center must have an application/use permit on file.

2. Community Groups that have regular meetings may make an annual application and obtain a permit covering the group’s use of the Prairie Event Center for twelve months.

3. The Application must be signed by an authorized representative of the entity or by the person in whose name the use permit will be issued and will be responsible for payment.

4. To reserve the Prairie Event Center:

a. Contact 218-3EVENTS (218-338-3687)

b. A temporary hold the date can be placed 7 (seven) days, the tentative reservation will be canceled if the application fee and form are not received. If the completed application is returned to the City, the application will be processed and a signed copy returned to the applicant.

c. A Prairie Event Center employee will contact the permit holder to set up an appointment to meet within 30 to 45 days prior to the event to make final arrangements and pay any fees due. The permit holder should state at this time how many people are anticipated to attend the event and finalize seating arrangements and complete Prairie Event Center questionnaires.

Facilities will be available at a mutually agreed time, but no earlier than 8:00 A.M. the date of the event unless requested and approved by management. Users must be out of the facility no later than 1:00 A.M. For every hour or fraction thereof an additional charge of $100 will be assessed.

The Prairie Event Center contracts out their bar services to Raaper’s Eatery and Ale out of Alexandria, MN. All events planning on having any sort of alcoholic beverages need to be going through Raaper’s Eatery and Ale. Please contact Cammie at (320) 760-6619 or raapers@charter.net.

A $250.00 Security Deposit will be required for events where alcohol is served and will be given back to the event host the week after the event.

Guests requesting and/or consuming alcoholic beverages must be able to provide a valid ID upon request. Bracelets or ink stamp may be used to verify age after initial ID check.

If guests provide minors with alcoholic beverages, that guest and minor must leave the premises immediately. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of beverage service and no refunds will be made.

Alcoholic beverages must stay within the Prairie Event Center. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on the Prairie Event Center’s property. Management reserves the right to keep the deposit is any damage to the property or equipment during events.

Kitchen / Food
Caterers must be licensed by the State of Minnesota and be on file with the Prairie Event Center.

The kitchen is licensed to the Senior Meals program and may be used as a staging area for caterers.

Food may be privately prepared off site and served at the Prairie Event Center. The Permit Holder assumes all responsibility for clean-up and removal of dirty dishes. The dish room is not available for private use.

A private party may prepare food in the kitchen with use of the appliances. A certified food handler must be on site during the entire meal preparation.

$30.00 per hour fee with appliances.
$50 flat fee without appliances.
Kitchen use includes ovens, counters, and refrigerator space. Freezer space and dish room are not available.

White, Ivory and Black table cloths and napkins in a variety of colors, are available. Linens need to be ordered at least two weeks prior to the event.

China place settings and silverware are available as well as disposable place settings. There is a $100 charge for the first 100 place settings. Charges for additional place settings will be determined according to the attached Goods and Services Fee Schedule.

Dining Room Attendant Service (Bus Boys/Girls)
Prairie Event Center provides dining room attendant service upon request or included in all inclusive packages. Attendants will serve the meal and dessert to the head table, parent, and grandparent table only. Attendants are not responsible for keeping snack and candy tables stocked. Attendant are not responsible for placing late night sandwiches or food on tables towards the end of the evening.

Audio System, Projector and Screen (Paulson & combined room only)
An audio system, projector and screen are available. The screen is mounted at the back of the stage and the projector has a USB connection located in the Paulson room only. Prairie Event Center also has a protable projector and screen, this option requires a laptop. Prairie Event Center does not supply CD(s), DVD(s), Jump Drives, or laptop. Client is responsible for arranging time to test CD(s) or DVD(s) prior to the day of the event if using Prairie Event Center equipment.

Decorations must be approved by Management. Ceiling and wall hooks are provided. No decorations may be taped, tacked, stapled, etc. to any surface. Votive and tea lights in stable glass containers are allowed. Candles, tapers, open flames and similar devices are not permitted. Confetti, tinsel, potpourri, colored petals, rice or birdseed are not allowed. Ceiling decorations may be installed only by professional decorators. Decorations may be installed the day prior to the event at an hourly rate of $25 up to 3 hours if the room has not been previously booked. The space may also be booked for decorating at the four hour room charge at the time of reservation to guarantee rental. The Prairie Event Center is not responsible for decorations. Decorations must be removed the night of the event, by 1am.

Candy Bar / Table
Candy bars/tables are allowed. No gummy candy is allowed, such as gummy bears, mike and ikes, starbursts, etc.

Maintenance Fee
Permit Holders are responsible for removing their own property immediately after their event. Any decorations or other materials left after an event will be disposed of by the Custodian. All sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, bathroom supplies, set up and tear down, etc will be provided as required before and after the event and included in the Maintenance Fee.

Security Deposit
A Security Deposit of $250.00 will be required for events. Damage beyond fair wear and tear, as determined by Management, will be charged at actual repair or replacement costs. The Permit Holder will be responsible for damage or replacement costs above Security Deposit. A pre and post event walk through with Management and the Permit Holder will determine the condition of the facility and any assessment of the Damage Deposit.

Fees and other charges are completely refundable if Management cancels the use of the Prairie Event Center for any reason other than violations by the Permit Holder.

If the permit holder requests cancellation ninety (90) calendar days or more before the event:

A 50 percent refund of the room deposit will be made.
If the cancelled room re-books, a full refund of the room deposit will be made.
If the permit holder requests cancellation eighty-nine (89) calendar days or less before the event:

No refund of the room fee will be made.
If the cancelled room re-books, a full refund of the room fee will be made.
A full refund for Maintenance, Security, Host bar, Dishes, etc will be made. If linens have been delivered a restocking fee may be charged.
ASSUMPTION OF RISK: Permit Holder for itself and for each of its members, agents, employees, invitees and all other persons who will use the facility under or through Permit Holder, accepts and assumes all risks of property damage or personal injury associated with Permit Holder’s use of the facilities including but not limited to property damage or personal injury to Permit Holder; Permit Holder’s employees, agents and invitees; the City; the City’s employees, officers and agents and any other person using the facilities during the term of this Facility Rental Agreement.

INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: Permit Holder for itself, its members, agents and employees using the facilities under this Permit Use Agreement hereby releases and agrees to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify the City, its officers, agents and employees from every claim, liability or demand of any kind for property damage or personal injuries sustained by Permit Holder; Permit Holder’s employees, agents and invitees; the City; the City’s employees, officers and agents and any other person using the facilities during the term of this Facility Rental Agreement.

SUPERVISION: Permit Holder agrees to provide adequate supervision of all persons using the facility under and through Permit Holder.