Parkers Prairie Panthers

Parkers Prairie School District #547 serves 600+ pre-school through twelfth grade students. A full curriculum is offered along with many extracurricular activities staffed by well qualified and caring individuals. Two very fine facilities serve as the elementary and high school buildings. New playground equipment, four tennis courts along with a running track are available.

Elementary School
Schools Number Enrollment Grades Included
Elementary 1 301 Pre-K - 6
Senior High 1 337 7 - 12th
High School
High School

Pupil to Teacher Ratio Elementary: 16:1
Pupil to Teacher Ratio High School: 13.7:1
Percent of High School Attending College: 43%
Percent Attending Technical College: 34%
Percent Attending Community College: 7%
Percent Attending 4 yr. College: 33%
Nearest Technical College: Alexandria - 21 miles
Nearest Community College: Fergus Falls - 46 miles
Nearest University: Morris - 60 miles; St. Cloud - 85 miles

Technical Colleges
Technical Colleges

Two area technical colleges are within twenty five miles of Parkers Prairie and both offer day and flex-time programs.

Community Education programs for all ages are offered throughout the year. Evening courses in Adult Education are offered on a one to one basis.

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