Parkers Prairie Fire Department is Proud to Protect & Serve

Request for Bids for:  Pumper-Tanker Combination Freight Liner Chassis with 3,000-Gallon Tank.  The deadline for receipt of bids is Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 4:00 pm.  Please see the following information for more information, including a list of the required specifications:

Pumper-Tanker Combo – Bid Info & Specifications

FireTrucksEmergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 218-338-FIRE (218-338-3473)

102 N Otter Ave
Parkers Prairie, MN 56361


About Parkers Prairie Fire Department:

Parkers Prairie Fire Department proudly protects approximately 2400 people. We operate out of 1 station that protects residential and commercial areas. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Parkers Prairie Fire Logo

We have a long history of proudly protecting the residents in our community. We operate out of 1 station, built in 1996, that protects the City of Parkers Prairie and 6 surrounding townships.

Each year the volunteers put on the Annual Fireman’s Dance located at the Parkers Fire Hall. The event is scheduled in June. The dance is held to raise money for continued operating support.
All donations are welcomed at any time to support your local fire department.

Department Type: All Volunteer

ISO Rating: 5

Services Provided:

  • Firefighting
  • Vehicle Rescue (Extrication)
  • Search & Rescue
  • Other Technical/Specialized Rescue
  • Other

Number of Stations: 1


Position Name Year Started Service
Training Instructor Andy ‘Gary’ Anderson 1979
Medical Officer Larry Lahman 1984
Relief Assoc. President David Gappa 1987
Firefighter Terry Zimmerman 1990
Firefighter Jeff Silbernick 1991
Firefighter Jeff Arnold 1991
Chief Joe Simonson 1992
Treasurer Todd Quick 1996
Safety Officer John Zimmermann 1996
First Assist. Chief/Relief Assoc. Secretary Kevin Smith 1998
Firefighter David Lahman 2000
Training Instructor Chad DeBoer 2001
Secretary Tony Woodworth 2003
Relief Association Treasurer Scott Marquardt 2004
Firefighter Mike Hallatz 2005
Chief Engineer Ryan Gaarsland 2005
Relief Assoc. Jon Thoennes 2008
Firefighter Eric Korman 2008
Communications Steve Hoffman 2008
Relief Assoc. Carl Larson 2008
Firefighter James Duberowski 2008
Firefighter Blake LaVan 2011
Firefighter Michael Neitzert 2011
Firefighter J.R. Kamphake 2011
Firefighter Matt Gappa 2013
Firefighter Nathan McBrady 2013
Firefighter Scott Hoffman 2013
Firefighter Jaison Merrick 2013

Retired Fire Department Members:

Gust Krause Paul Kotz George Conn Arnold Johnson
Roy A. Kraemer Raymond Kraemer Arnold Larson Ted Welch
Curtis Watt Eino Bass Lloyd Penrose Arthur Meier
Charles Fortwengler Carold Hilgren Larro Hilgren Roy Barrows
Edwin Jensen Arthur Klotz Harold Krueger Jerry Wussow
Phillip Revering Grant Moske Donald Rotz George M. Revering
Joseph Dorn Sr. Thomas Myers Duane Zuehlke George Knox
Ronald Grefe Curt Lahman John Barrows Richard Lindgren
Jon Lammle Joe Dorn Jr. Robert Huckle Randy Christianson
Bryan (Moose) Revering
1982 – 2007
Rick Gappa
1981 – 2009
Doug Hoffman
1988 – 2009
Randy Buker
1990 – 2010
Mike Wilde
1992 – 2010
Ray Caauwe
1991 – 2011
Tom (TJ) Schroeder
1998 – 2011
Bill Rhoads
1998 – 2011
Mark Simonson
1994 – 2015