Municipal Elections:

City elections are held on even-numbered years.

The elected officials for the city consist of the mayor, term of office two years, and four council members, term of office for four years.
The regular municipal election is held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

The City does not hold a Primary Election for City Offices.

The City Clerk’s office is responsible for conducting the local, state and federal elections.

Voter Registration cards, as well as the application for Absentee ballots forms, are available at the Otter Tail County Government Services building in Fergus Falls or downloadable at the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website –

2022 Election Campaign Financial Reports

Are you interested in being an Election Judge?

Are you (or someone you know):

  • A resident of Minnesota
  • Eligible to vote

Would you like to:

  • Work with the public
  • Earn $20 per hour
  • Meet people in your area
  • Get involved in the election process
  • The primary election is in August
  • The General election is in November

Otter Tail County Election Material and Information:
How do I obtain an absentee ballot for a Federal, State or Countywide election?
How can I obtain other information regarding elections and/or the election process?
How do I obtain an election calendar?
How can I obtain information regarding the voter registration process and/or a voter registration application?
How can I find my polling place?

Secretary of State Election Material:
Voter Registration Card
Voter Eligibility & Who Must Register
Election Day Registration
Absentee Voting