Mayor Kevin Learning

Mayor Kevin Birkholz attended the 2019 Experienced Officials Leadership Conference held Friday & Saturday, February 1 & 2, 2019, in Plymouth, Minn. Attendees were newly elected & experienced officials.
The conference dealt with learning communication styles for a more effective relationship; how to better communicate with staff, residents, council colleagues & others. He enjoyed having the opportunity to meet officials from other Minnesota cities.
They also received the League of Minnesota Cities 2019 Legislative Priorities. Kevin is most interested in the Local Government Aid Funding, City Street Funding and Housing & Telecommunications. Other 2019 Legislative Priorities are Infrastructure Fees, Local Control, Police & Fire Disability Benefits, Presidential Primary, Sales Tax Exemption on Construction Materials, Urban Forest Management Funding & Water Policy & Funding.

Swimming Pool History


   In 1977, the Parkers Prairie Swimming Pool was built with private funds after the Parkers Prairie Commercial Club of business leaders made it a reality by approaching individuals and various organizations for pledges and donations.  After purchasing the pre-fab pool kit, local contractors donated materials and labor to construct the pool including electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. There were no tax monies used for the construction of the pool or it’s maintenance the first ten years. Before turning the pool over to the city, a committee of Commercial Club members managed the pool, which included hiring staff, management and maintenance. During those ten years, the pool made a profit according to recorded secretary minutes of the Commercial Club. At that time, the Commercial Club ran a very profitable Bingo night which covered the expense of running the pool from the first of June until Labor Day each summer.

   The pre-fab pool a junior Olympic size pool was constructed on the North edge of the City park. 82-1/2 feet in length by 45 feet in width, it was constructed of stainless steel panel sides edged with tiles. The bottom of the pool was poured concrete as was the apron or deck surrounding the pool. A pump house was built on the South side of the pool. 

   A separate round wading pool was added later as was a bathhouse. Various individuals and the Lions Club built the bathhouse as well as the lifeguard chairs.

Oath of Office

Mayor Kevin Birkholz and Councilpersons, Sandy Froemming & Greg Larson took their Oath of Office at the first 2019 Parkers Prairie City Council meeting held Tuesday, January 22, in the council chambers.
Parkers Prairie resident, Tony Woodworth was unanimously chosen to fill the two years remaining of Kevin Birkholz’s council seat. Tony was unable to attend the meeting that night. He took his Oath of Office later that week.