Address: 102 N Otter Ave., PO Box 115
Parkers Prairie, MN 56361
Phone: 218-338-4357
Fax: 218-338-4390

Emergency: 911

Parkers Prairie Ambulance


Michelle Moske, Ambulance Director 2008
Robert Huckle, E.M.T. 1981
John Potratz, E.M.T. 1993
Jeff Arnold, E.M.T. 1995
Elizabeth (Lizz) Peterson, E.M.T. 1999
John Zimmerman, First Responder 1999
Becky Paine, E.M.T. 2006
Tony Woodworth, First Responder 2009
Beth Wussow 2011
Zachary Kerkeide 2011
Mary Cornish 2012
Dustin Crider, E.M.T. 2012
Maria Greenwaldt, E.M.T.

Shelby Koep, Paramedic

Dale Plasek, E.M.T.
Dan Reed, E.M.T.
Jordan Dibley, First Responder
Tasha Glaser, E.M.T.
Cody Vail, E.M.T.
Casey Aldrich, First Responder
Tapanga Flannery, E.M.T.

Jeremy Schneider, First Responder

Robbie Goebel, E.M.T.

Sean Holloway, E.M.T.

Alex Olson, E.M.T.

Aimee Sebesta, First Responder

Travis Voss, First Responder

Aaron Wood, E.M.T.

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